Many people with missing teeth don’t think they need to fill the breaches, especially if they are not visible when you smile. However, missing teeth can lead to other oral health problems, like jawbone deterioration, increased risk of gum disease, and further tooth loss. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement options that prevent these problems by imitating your natural teeth. At Lowery Smiles, we can rebuild your smile using advanced dental implant restorations.

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What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a titanium post that imitates the root of a missing tooth. Once the implant is surgically placed into your jawbone, it fuses with the existing bone and tissue in a process called osseointegration. Then, a metal fitting, namely an abutment, is attached on top of the implant, allowing for the placement of a dental crown, bridge, or denture to restore your smile.

Dental Implant Process

  • Initial Consultation

Our dentists will determine your candidacy for this treatment during your initial consultation. We will take digital X-Rays and scans to plan your treatment. We will check your oral cavity to make sure it is free of infections. If you have gum disease or other oral conditions, we will address them beforehand to ensure the success of your dental implants.

  • Implant Surgery

We will make small incisions in the gum tissue and surgically position the titanium posts in the jawbone. Then, we will close the gum tissue and put a protective cap over the site. Following the surgery, you will need to avoid using tobacco products, and eating hard, crunchy foods while your mouth heals.

  • Osseointegration & Abutment

Although you will likely feel normal within a few days of the placement surgery, your jawbone needs some time to heal completely. We give your jawbone several months for the implant to fuse with the surrounding soft tissues. This process is called osseointegration, and it is vital for the stability of your implants. Upon completing this process, we will reopen the gums for abutment placement.

  • Dental Restoration

When the gum tissue has healed suitably around the abutment, we will take impressions of your mouth to create your permanent restoration, such as a crown. They are designed to match your existing teeth and feel natural. These restorations cannot develop decay but still need to be brushed and flossed daily.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer great versatility. Regardless of the number of missing teeth, a dental implant solution will allow you to enjoy a complete smile again. They can even help patients who have lost all of their teeth and are discouraged by the restrictions of conventional dentures.

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