Digital X-rays are a cutting-edge diagnostic tool that is used in dentistry to obtain information that is not visible through a visual dental examination. They help reveal hidden oral issues like early signs of tooth decay, dental cracks, bone loss, and wisdom teeth.

Digital X-rays allow dentists to detect and fetch information about various dental abnormalities in the mouth to start a suitable treatment.

At Lowery Smiles, our dentists recommend digital X-rays over traditional film X-rays as they capture precise, high-quality images of the oral cavity with significantly less radiation, enabling more efficient and accurate diagnosis and care.

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How Digital X-Rays Work

Digital X-rays use an electronic sensor to obtain and store detailed digital images of the teeth, jaws, and other structures in the mouth. These images can be seen instantly on the computer screen and help the dentist to identify tooth decay, cavities, and other conditions to formulate an ideal treatment plan.

Digital X-rays are gaining more acceptance than traditional X-rays as they are safer and emit less radiation.

How Can Digital Dental X-rays be Used in Dentistry? 

In adults, dentists use digital X-rays for the following purposes:

  • Reveal the areas of decay and cavities that are not visible with naked eyes.
  • Identify cavities that occur underneath an existing filling.
  • Shows bone loss that follows gum disease.
  • Show changes in the bone or the root canal because of an underlying infection.
  • Supports the dentists to prepare dental braces, tooth implants, and dentures.
  • Reveal a dental abscess that exists on a tooth root or between the gum and a tooth.

In children, digital X-rays are helpful for the following: :

  • Identify areas of tooth decay.
  • Determine if there is sufficient space in the mouth to fit all the erupting teeth.
  • Determine if primary teeth are being lost on time.
  • Disclose any developmental abnormalities in the mouth like tumors or cysts.
  • Review the emergence of wisdom teeth and identify if they are impacted.

Benefits of Digital X-Ray

  • Digital X-rays are an effective and easier way of capturing digital images of the mouth or the underlying areas than traditional X-rays.
  • A dentist can obtain accurate images of any size and resolution with digital X-rays.
  • Obtaining images using digital X-rays is a quick process.
  • Digital X-ray equipment is safer and emits less radiation.
  • Obtaining digital X-rays is a non-invasive process that does not cause any discomfort to the patient.
  • The images from digital X-rays can be stored or transferred digitally or as hard copies.

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