Dental accidents and injuries are relatively common while participating in contact sports and games. Often, these injuries cause permanent or temporary damage to teeth and other oral structures, which will need medical intervention.

Sports mouth guards have proven to be quite effective in preventing dental injury and concussions while playing sports. They protect the mouth and prevent injuries to the teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue. As per the American Dental Association (ADA), the use of mouth guards while participating in sports and games can prevent over 200,000 oral injuries each year.

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Sports Mouth Guards 

Mouth guards or mouth protectors are dental appliances that protect the teeth, gums, tongue, and cheek from injuries caused by sports accidents and injuries. Wearing mouth guards while playing contact sports reduces the risk of oral structure damage by acting as a cushion to the face against any blows.

How Can Sports Mouth Guards Be Helpful?

  • Sports mouth guards protect teeth against serious harm from sports-related injuries by distributing the forces to all the teeth if the athlete suffers from any blow to the mouth.
  • Sports mouth guards can cut the risk of concussions and prevent jaw bone fractures.
  • By preventing dental injuries, wearing mouth guards will reduce the need for expensive dental procedures.
  • They help prevent displaced teeth, dental cracks, and fractures.
  • They protect the soft tissues of the mouth from injuries.
  • They protect the temporomandibular joint during impact.

Different Types of Mouth Guards

There are three main types of mouth guards. They are as follows:

  • Custom-made mouth guards

These are custom-made specifically for patients in a dental laboratory or dentist’s office after taking an impression of their teeth. Since they are custom fit, they offer more comfort and protection than the ready-made ones.

  • Boil-and-bite mouth guards

Boil and bite mouth guards are made of thermoplastic material and come in a pre-formed shape that can be shaped at home to fit your teeth. They have to be boiled in water to soften them. After that, the softened mouth guard is put inside the athlete’s mouth and pressed onto the teeth. Once they are in the correct place, they should be bitten down for 20 seconds.

  • Stock mouth guards

Stock mouth guards are ready-to-wear ones that can be purchased over-the-counter or at pharmacies. Since they are one-size-fits-all mouth guards, they often have a poor fit, can be bulky, and may make breathing and talking challenging.

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